Power Pack


This unique devise is the size of a cell phone but packs the power to charge 6 devises at once; jump start your car and power your laptop etc.

It has the capacity to charge your IPad or tablet and phones all at once. It can be used daily as a charger for devises or a backup power source when you leave the home or office.

This unique devise is the size and weight of a cell phone but can power a laptop; charge 6 devices at once and jump start your car.

Never be without light! This power pack has a torch with three light options. Provides a normal work light, blinking light and a high pulse light as a beckon or rescue light. When power outages strike the power pack can be connected to our LED light to illuminate a room.

Even newer vehicle batteries require a jump caused by bumpy roads that loosen the battery terminal connections causing your battery to discharge.

The power pack comes in five models:

  1. A 12 volt jump starter system with full accessories
  2. A 12 volt system with air compressor capable of filling tires and any other household products.
  3. 3. A 24 volt commercial system for large Trucks & Buses
  4. A 12 / 24 volt for commercial system for large vehicles
  5. A 12/ 24 volt unit which can start up to 40 vehicles
Mersadies battery and Truck

Bus, trucking and logistics companies appreciate the light weight and portable Power Packs because they can be taken to destressed vehicle by a biker in minutes verses the hours it takes trucks and buses to get through traffic.

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Why invest in jumper cables that are useless without assistance when you can have your own power source that can support your daily needs. The Tosheka power pack can jump start up to fifteen cars without a recharge.

No more trying to locate a friend, calling a tow service or requesting a stranger to stop and jump your car. This power pack cost less than the cost of one service call.

Often passersby are reluctant to jump start another car because of the damage that can be done to their electrical system. The power pack allows you to help a stranded driver conveniently without worry to possibly damaging your electrical system.

The unite has a very quick recharging recovery time frame and can be recharged by multiple sources including a car charger, computer and house current.

The power pack units can also be fully recharged with our solar panel in four hours when used for rural, camping and safaris.

An ultra-safe and mistake-proof design which allow it to safely connect to any battery.

This handy light weight power pack comes complete with all cords in an attractive pouch. 

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Never be without light! This power pack has an ultra bright torch with three light options.

Rear view of security guard searching on stairway with flashlight in office building

As a security or safety measure, the power pack comes in very handy.

  • The power packs can serve as a tool for security officers as a deterrent to crime.
  • It provides a reliable power source for charging all of their communication devices including their walkies.
  • A versatile array of lighting options that will provide them visibility and safety.
  • Powerful hazard lights to alert drivers of road hazards or accidents.
  • A high intensity torch to alert drivers that are being stopped for violation or inspection
  • General lighting to inspect vehicles on the roadway.
  • You can jump start disabled vehicles blocking the highway etc.

The bigger model can jump start even trucks.
Here is a list of what it can do:


  1. 30000mAh high capacity
  2. Jump start 24v diesel trucks.
  3. With 4 pcs A class battery cells.
  4. Charge for Cell phone, IPhone, IPad, Laptop, 12v electronic products etc.
  5. 3 colorful LEDs, red/ white/blue

The New Power Pack with Tire Air Pump has all the features of the standard Power pack and the additional product details are:

  1. warranty 12 months
  2. Power 150 psi
  3. inflate a tire in 10-15 minutes

Tosheka Products Power Pack:
The ready power solution for:
Powering and lighting your homes, offices, rural travel, safari and campsites; jumpstarting and filling flat tires:

We now have a Power Pack unit that will jump start 12 or 24 volt vehicles including the standard features. See attached file on the smart cable provided on all our units.

Power your World!!


Never be without light! This power pack has a torch with three light options. Provides a long range high intensity light, blinking light and a high pulse light as a beckon or rescue light. When power outages strike the Power Pack can be connected to an LED light to illuminate several rooms for up to five hours.

Tuskys Jump Start demo for 24 v truck

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