Convenient power outlet

Almost all Kenyan residences have one thing in common no matter age or status of their home the lack of electrical out lets available to them.

Extension cords are very dangerous fire hazards because they can be easily damaged, overloaded and tripped over.

Jungled wires

A Typical cause of Fire is over loaded extension cords caused by insufficient wiring & plugs


Buildings that are constructed of concrete and masonry make the installation of numerous sockets more difficult and costly. So builders cut back and often only put one socket per room. Large rooms or spaces may only have two sockets. This causes the residents to have very limited access to sockets and they are forced to extend cords around the rooms.

The other option is the have an electrician to extend power from existing sockets which is expensive, messy and disruptive.

Tosheka introduces the convenience socket which allows anyone to easily install additional sockets without tools, or any special skills.

The convenience socket is a prewired power extension unit that comes in various lengths. It is installed by mounting a wire way and socket box to the wall and plugging it into an existing socket. This unit can be installed in a matter of minutes and is a premiant safe installation.

Wall socket

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