Window Guard System


Window Guard System is a patented system for weather, insect and dust proofing window and door openings in residential or commercial properties with metal frame and sash.

The majority of new homes and offices built in Kenya within the last twenty-five years have extensively utilized structural metal window and door mounted in metal frames to provide physical security.

Metal frames provide physical security but they are totally ineffective against the daily problems caused by voids that allow the entry of insects, lizards, cold air and large accumulation dust. Residents are continually struggling with large accumulation of dust, pests and cold and getting fresh air without allowing the entry of pest and harmful dust.

This system is unique because it addresses environmental health, safety and sanitation problems. It also protects sensitive electronic equipment, environments that require health and sanitation that would be subject to and effected by dust accumulation.


These openings are pledged with gaps and leaks because of metal to metal construction and ineffective the closures and fasteners used. This has resulted in major leaks and voids that allow the entry of dust, insects, lizards and cold air.

The system health impacts include avoiding contracting malaria and bacterial infections caused by insect bites. Reduces health problems related to dust like chronic sore throat allergies, itchy eyes and asthma.

Have you very found yourself clapping in your sleep and there is no music playing!   You are probably chasing mosquitos.

The Window Guard System uses a series of weather proofing strips, specialized custom-made dust and pollen inhibiting screens, adaptations to the existing hardware and closure to assure a tight fit to seal out cold, drafts, dust and pest.

Residents can now control and access to fresh air without the intrusion of pest and dust.

Custom made light weight window and door screens are made from wood plastic or metal to provide a tight seal of the opening and to stop the penetration of dust, pests while allowing in fresh air.


You don’t have to seal your home in a bubble to keep out insects, get fresh air and a good night’s sleep.

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