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Tosheka Products is a division of Tosheka Textiles LLC is a USA/Kenya based social enterprise, with extensive experience in commercial and community based textile production. Established by Kenyan textile designer and business woman Lucy Lau Bigham along with her business partner and husband Herman Bigham. 

Tosheka Products are dedicated to Preserving the Lives; Health and Safety Kenyans and Providing Business Opportunities and Employment.

Tosheka Products and provide direct solutions, systems, installations and technology to address the life, health and safety issues facing Kenyans on a daily basis.

Herman Bigham is the inventor and CEO of Jet Pass Safety Systems. He holds a patent on this revolutionary Vehicle Safety System. His interest in providing road and pedestrian safety is a part of the legacy of African inventors that invented the gas mask, automatic train coupling system, the traffic light system, Train-to-station communication system and the blood bank.


In recent trips to Kenya East Africa Herman saw and experienced firsthand the tragic loss of human lives when a family of thirteen returning for a wedding party was wiped out in a head on collision. He arrived just in time to remove the only two survivors from the road way and rush them to a hospital right away.


This launched his quest to develop systems and strategies to save the lives of drivers and pedestrians. Herman did extensive research and learned that this is a global problem and that Kenya is ranked as having the 5th highest number of accidents worldwide with 65% of deaths involving pedestrians and 35% of pedestrian deaths being children which represent the most active productive segment of their population. 


All Kenyan’s are exposed and prone to major injuries sustained by walking or driving on dark narrow streets and roadways during the evening and nighttime hours. Drivers have to be always on the lookout for such unseen people. The daily concerns and exposure to danger for both driver and pedestrian are enormous.  In fact, in terms of African mortality rates, road accidents have taken the third position after Malaria and HIV/AIDS.


In 2011 Herman introduced his Road Safety System called ‘Illuminate the Future’. His motto was “Save Our Most Precious Asset- The People.” He devised an inexpensive illuminated body sash arm band that would provide visibility and protection on dark narrow streets and roadways for both drivers and pedestrians. Also as a part of his comprehensive national program, he located devices, reflectors, and lights for buses, trucks and motor cycles. These promotional products provided companies with daily brand visibility while raising the consciousness and promoting the participation of the masses in the government’s National Road Safety Initiative.


Supportive Comments for our Road Safety Project by International Organizations staff…


Dear  Herman,


You have developed a novel device that may hold promise to reduce pedestrian deaths by increasing visibility.  It appears that you are reaching out to a number of organizations, both commercial and government, to help promote your product, with branded advantages. This is a noble effort.

“After addressing the substantial problems of facing pedestrians and visibility of vehicles in Kenya, Herman Bigham’s research on the global road safety issues found that approximately 90% of accidents occurred while parking or at intersections.”